Whether it be a full length wedding film, a short film to promote your business or a 30 second trailer to promote your big event, we approach video through the lens of cinematography. 

The art of imagery, motion and emotion.

Kinkade Wedding Films

Capture the emotion of your dream wedding in cinematic style, professional audio recording and beautiful mulit-camera coverage.

Jonny & Ireland

Randi & Warren

Commercial Promotionals


Prairie Lily RV Park

Melfort Wellness Centre

Melfort Skate Park Grand Opening

Special Events

Does your organization need to advertise an event.  Make a short film to promote on social media to reach the masses.

Melfort Multi-K 2017

'Hockey On The Hill'

Melfort Ex Supercross

Melfort Dance Recital 2017

Realty Estate Tours

Take your real estate to the next level.  Create an engaging house tour that pleases your seller and wows your home buyers.

Cochran Acreage

Timm Acreage

Quaroni Acreage

Kunz Acreage